Every year, Cassandra works privately with a few exceptional global leaders, in the public and private sectors, to inspire them to find the clarity, confidence and daring to positively influence the lives of people through their organizations, communities and society. 

If you’d like to work with Cassandra, please get in touch using the contact form. 

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Cassandra helps exceptional leaders to dare to care, to cut through complexity, and truly transform. She challenges leaders to embrace the unknown and overcome the status quo in order to make way for legacy and impact. “I only work with leaders who desire to leave the world a better place and who understand that playing safe is unlikely to have enough impact. This is why I focus on working with leaders who show the necessary passion, determination and commitment and who work in areas and industries that have the ability to transform many lives.”

Whether facing challenges with navigating complexity or embracing their own greatness, Cassandra helps her clients realize the sense of freedom that comes with the belief that they can break through barriers and create a better future.

Cassandra guides her clients as a peer. Her globally recognized expertise and thought leadership in the areas of innovation, technology, investment banking, technology and sustainability, alongside her experience as CEO, director and entrepreneur, allows her to truly understand and empathize with the complexity leaders face. 

I knew Cassandra was on my team. 

“At a time when success and failure were increasingly scrutinized, and the ramifications of my actions were more pronounced, I was glad to have someone truly on my team. Although I had a good relationship with my Chair, with Cassandra, I felt able to to be a mixture of vulnerable and determined without the fear of negative repercussions. I knew that she was  determined to see me succeed.” – Multinational Company CEO