Public Speaking

Cassandra Kelly is in demand across the globe to speak on many of our most pressing issues at forums including the G20, European Union, African Union, World Government Summit and NATO.

Cassandra Kelly Business Coach


Cassandra speaks to ignite action in others. She shares with her audiences more than just subject matter expertise. She draws on her experience of leading large businesses and growing new ones in a way that has resulted in many awards and accolades, including recognition for empowering and developing capacity in the people she works with.

If you have an audience, executive team or key meeting that needs a speaker to inspire and motivate then contact us and let Cassandra’s cut through and commitment to action inspire your listeners to dare to care, to play their part and to act with urgency.


Regardless of the industry you work in, Cassandra has stories to share that can inspire greater success and more meaningful action. Cassandra customizes her speeches, however, some of her more popular speeches include:


  • Business transformation – when incremental change is not the cure
  • Embracing a success mindset – setting aside the celebration of failure
  • If you want to step up, your first have to step in. Being accountable and taking opportunities
  • It’s not all about the journey – designing a future you want for you or your company
  • An apple rots from the core – tips for high performance
  • The power of all- benefiting from diversity and inclusion
  • Innovating from within – harnessing the creativity of your workforce
  • Eyes wide open – harnessing the power of technology and artificial intelligence for good
  • Having it all – but not all at the same time. Practical thoughts around work-life integration


Cassandra encourages corporate and political leaders to transform their mindsets and embrace personal and business opportunities. Some of Cassandra’s speaking engagements on human rights, AI, cybersecurity and diversity include:

    • Women Entrepreneurs in MENA Region with support of EU, Tunisia
    • Beirut Institute Summit, Abu Dhabi
    • EU Ministers of Defence and NATO, Helsinki
    • World Government Summit, Dubai
    • Aspen Institute on Cybersecurity, Abu Dhabi
    • African Union/European Union Peace and Security Council meetings, Brussels
    • UN during UNGA, New York
    • Global Summit of Women, Malaysia, Warsaw, Paris, Tokyo
    • UN Women, Sydney
    • All About Women, Sydney
    • W21, Brisbane